‘Tis the season.

I’ve been bargain-hunting like crazy as of late, and I’ve got a lot to show for it!

Let’s start with my successful trip to the Fell’s Point Second Sunday Antique Market a couple of weekends ago.

A gorgeous day. Perfect for thrifting!

For just a few bucks, I am now the proud owner of this lovely vintage decorative tin, evidently made in Germany. 



I also came across a beautiful vintage Swedish tablecloth for $5, which of course I had to have. It looked a bit dingy and stained, so I asked the seller for cleaning advice. She recommended soaking the tablecloth in a mixture of Oxi Clean™ and dishwashing liquid. After following her instructions, I now have a vibrant and fresh tablecloth!


I also had some luck at Goodwill recently, where I picked up a couple of ornate brass trays/wall plates, as well as some holiday-themed Crate & Barrel™ nesting bowls in perfect condition.


Only $6 for the set!


Lastly, I took advantage of holiday sales and braved the shopping crowds, and it was definitely worth it. So many awesome deals!, However, I can’t actually share most of my finds, since many of them are Xmas gifts for friends and must remain secret! I did, however, pick up a couple of things for myself…

World Market earrings for less than $5!
J. Jill bracelet for less than $10!
Mercury glass votives at Michael’s: $2 a pop!

I’ll share my other amazing deals at some point after the holiday season. 🙂

It’s in the family.

Last weekend my cousin Aiden visited! We spent some time with my grandmother, whose retro abode is loaded with antiques and mid-century kitsch. It’s definitely got a vintage feel.

It’s become our habit to do a bit of treasure-hunting whenever we visit our grandmother. She loves passing her old stuff down to us, and, well, we don’t really say no.

Below, Aiden models one of grandma’s gifts: a black vintage purse in nearly mint condition. We can’t quite place the logo. It’s definitely not Chanel.


She’s also sporting some very cool thrifted slacks from a San Francisco shop called The Wasteland.

During her visit, we went on several thrifting adventures (yard sale, Goodwill, flea market, etc.) in the Rockville, MD area. As can be expected, some trips were more fruitful than others. I ended up coming home with a pretty hand mirror and a brass planter. Here’s a pic of the mirror; I’m saving the brass planter for a future post on my ever-growing indoor garden. 🙂

Only spent $3 on this pretty metal reproduction.

After returning home from my weekend at Grandma’s, I was excited to see that my new boots from American Eagle had arrived. I got these on sale for like 60% off! I think I spent around $20 on them total.

IMG_4187.JPGI’ve been wearing them nonstop, as we’ve been having some beautiful Fall weather the past week.

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

I couldn’t resist.

Guys. I went back to The Parisian Flea. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I shopped there and posted about it! Because their 20% off sale goes through tomorrow, and because I had no luck with yard sales this morning, I just had to pop back in and satisfy my thrifting urge.

Needless to say, I didn’t come home empty-handed.

2016-07-16 12.15.07-2

After the 20% discount, this adorable Pyrex™ bowl only cost $10! I placed it on my Ikea kitchen cart alongside several thrifted friends (they tend to keep each other company). This is my first piece of vintage Pyrex™ and I’m really pleased with it. ❤

Looking forward to Artscape later today — hoping for some great deals!

Friday afternoon antiquing.

Happy Friday! I just got home from a successful visit to The Parisian Flea, a tiny yet tantalizing antique shop in the heart of Hampden. I had been craving a thrifting adventure all week, and since I had heard they were having a 20% off sale this weekend, I drove straight on over after work.


I walked out with two great finds, which added up to just under $20 after the 20% discount. Both are brass decor items with beautiful detailing. The first is a small catch-all dish (it has three tiny “feet”), and the second is a larger tray, which has that hammered gold look to it.


Above is is the small dish, which I’ve placed atop a vintage tray on my entry table. It’ll make a great home for my keys and sunglasses.

Here is the larger tray. I guess it’s around 12 inches in diameter. I’ve decided it’ll hang out on top of my coffee table, ostensibly complimenting a gold and glass table sitting nearby. The richness of the cherry wood coupled with bold area rug colors creates a vivid backdrop for this gold accent.

I’m so happy with these finds, and can’t wait for more thrifting tomorrow (yard sales!). 🙂

Flea market throwback.

Several years ago, I explored a funky outdoor flea market in Manayunk, a hip neighborhood in Philadelphia. Having just moved into my own place in Baltimore, I was looking for some affordable decor. I ended up finding several great items.

One thing I purchased that I still absolutely love is this purple-tinted vintage glass bottle/vase. It’s difficult to make out, but there is actually a design of a ship etched into the glass. It was only a few bucks. Doesn’t it look cute with the pompoms?

purple bottle

Something else I was looking for was wall decor. I didn’t have the money to spend on fancy art prints, so I ended up perusing a stack of old sheet music covers at the flea market. I picked a few that I liked, and I think I maybe spent $4 total. After turning to my trusty friend IKEA for decent frames, I ended up with some pretty cool vintage wall art.

IMG_3463 IMG_3462

What kinds of cool flea market finds have you acquired? Comment below!

Thrifted and gifted.

If you didn’t read my previous post about the uber-awesome thrift store Lancaster Creative Reuse (LCR), you should go and do that. Right now.

Here’s why: My close friend Michaela, the director of LCR, spotted this adorable vintage piece in the store and put it aside especially for me.

Floral jug

Such a beauty. I guess I’m a sucker for anything floral. Thanks, Michaela! ♥

Spotlight: LCR.

Today I’m paying homage to one of my favorite thrift stores: Lancaster Creative Reuse.


Located in Lancaster, PA, LCR’s mission is to connect community excess to those who can use it creatively. Basically, imagine a charming low-cost thrift store bursting at the seams with myriad craft supplies and fun miscellaneous novelties, all local donations. I’ve visited the store on many occasions, and let’s just say I never go home empty-handed!

Here are two of my LCR favorites. I think I paid .50 for the tin and maybe $1 for the bottle.


Not only does LCR sell some great stuff, but it also hosts fun kid-friendly events and values community outreach. Curious if something like LCR exists where you live? Check out this directory of creative reuse centers in the U.S. and around the world.

Happy thrifting! 

Throwback time.

So a few weeks ago, I spotted a prime posting on the NextDoor app: a neighbor was generously giving away this gently used IKEA kitchen cart! She was kind enough to deliver it right to my doorstep, to boot.

kitchen cart

I’ve adorned my cart with a couple of small vintage faves: a cute (and FREE) recipe box, and a unique olive oil container (it reminds me of a watering can!) that I picked up for a few bucks at a recent yard sale.

kitchen cart items

Hope you enjoy these great finds as much as I do! ♥

A trio of bargain goodies.

Major wins from yesterday:

And, of course, plants just make everything better. ♥