Because “I liked scotch.”

Today’s post, a guest contribution from my friend Kath, showcases a unique hand-me-down.


Kath: When my grandmother downsized into a smaller apartment, I was given this decanter set because “I liked scotch.”


Belonging to my great – grandmother, this Tantalus decanter features a locking mechanism on the top – to keep your expensive spirits safe from either your househould staff, or young teens (depending on the home). Initially, the Tantalus cabinets were meant to showcase your expensive spirits in an appealing way, prior to the cheaper store bought bottles we use today.

Unfortunately for me, I accidentally locked it, and have no idea where the keys would be. I am also missing the third brass label – which, I’m going to hazard a guess, was bourbon. Even though they are empty and will presumably never contain alcohol, I enjoy looking at the set and the connection with my family (and their love of whiskey).

What an interesting family treasure. An added bonus: free!  🙂