Cheap thrills.

While browsing several Goodwill stores over the past couple of days, I picked up some fun little gems to add to my never-ending collection of thrifted decor…


When I came across these brass swans, I knew they had to be mine. Very Mid-century. I posted them on my Instagram, and someone commented asking if they were for sale! That made me feel kinda good. I replied, “Not at the moment, but I’ll let you know if that changes!”

To be honest, at one point I had considered going the thrifting-and-flipping route with a friend. I follow a lot of Instagrammers who do that on eBay. It has always struck me as a fun hobby. Plus, the extra cash wouldn’t be so bad. I guess I ultimately figured it would take up too much time and energy. But, now that it’s summer, I have time and energy.

So… should I sell these, or keep them? I mean, I like them, and they were a great find, but I’m not wedded to them. Out of curiosity, I looked them up on eBay and people are selling them for anywhere between $20 and $100. I only paid five dollars for the pair.



Gotta love pretty little white vases. The one on the right I found at Goodwill for a buck or two, and the one on the right was a gift from my friend and colleague Melyssa (also thrifted). All they need now are some pretty buds.



I know, I know — I’m obsessed with brass, especially brass pots/planters (see here..and here…and here…). This one is fairly small but does the job. Fun fact: the plant inside belongs to my friend Karly…I’m just babysitting it for a while. 😉

I also scored a couple of cool items from a local Salvation Army store, but I’m saving those for a future post.

Enjoy your weekend!

Beth ❤


Tiny treasures from LCR.

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite thrift stores, Lancaster Creative Reuse. You might remember this place from my post a couple months back (“Spotlight: LCR.”). Anyways, yesterday I picked up a bunch of cool items for a whopping total of $7.47!

I even decorated my receipt.


So, here are my cheap thrills from LCR.

Teeny brass incense holder.
Assorted bits of tile. So pretty!
Mix & match Scrabble letters.
Small blue & white flower pot.


In addition to these tiny treasures, I also picked up a glass jug (which I proceeded to break within a couple of hours), and a rather perplexing brass decor item that I will share with you at a later time.

Do you have any tiny treasures? Let me know in the comments! 🙂