While I don’t do it as often as I’d like, upcycling is a creative DIY activity that can save you $. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy feeling like they got something new for practically nothing?

Here are some of my past re-vamping projects.image copy.png

Let’s start with the small glass vases. Basically, I thrifted them from Goodwill, bought some cheap paint from Michael’s in a fun color, and coated the insides of the vases with the paint. Honestly, though, getting the paint to spread evenly was tougher than it looks. I used this website for guidance.

Similar deal with the two flower pots — I got a couple of plain terra cotta pots and simply painted them anew. I spray-painted the turquoise one, while I used a paintbrush for the darker blue. If you plan on putting your pots outside, definitely make sure you purchase outdoor paint or use some type of appropriate sealant. Here’s a helpful how-to website. Also, the little sprouts you see inside of the pots are baby succulents that have resulted from my attempt to propagate–another budget-friendly DIY move. They’re taking their sweet time growing, though!

Lastly, the larger succulent (bottom right) sits in a re-purposed candle container that was originally purchased from Anthropologie. Such a beautiful container–why throw it away when the candle is gone? My friend Katie was the one who originally thought to use it for succulents, and a great idea it was. In fact, you can use pretty much anything as a succulent container–just make sure you find a way to address the drainage issue. Katie lined the bottom of this one with marbles; you could also use stones or something similar.

Do you have any affordable upcycling ideas or tips? Please comment and share! ❤