Sea glass storage.

I’ve always been fond of sea glass, so when I saw someone on Craigslist selling four identical sea glass jars for less than $10 total, I was compelled to buy.


As you can see, I’ve used two of the jars to store beauty products and supplies. It just seems fitting. The delicate bluish tint, along with the shape, give the jars an elegance. And the cork lid adds a charming “message in a bottle” touch.

However, I haven’t figured out exactly what to do with the other two jars. At one point I stuffed some granola bars into one of them and stuck it on the kitchen counter, but it just didn’t seem to fit aesthetically. So, basically, I have two lovely but empty jars sitting around. Any suggestions?



Plants are pretty much always the answer.

We’ve all experienced it: you find a piece of furniture that you absolutely love, except it’s got a flaw. Maybe it’s chipped, or scuffed, or discolored. Yet, because of this defect, the item is on sale. We are tempted to buy, yet ask ourselves: Is it worth it? Do I really want to spend my money on a flawed item?

I did.

While browsing Craigslist one day, I came across an adorable (second-hand) mid-century modern square coffee table listed for $5! What a steal, I thought. But then, I took a closer look at the photos and noticed a huge water stain on the center of the table. “Ah,” I mused. “Now I get it.”

At this point, however, I had become emotionally invested in the table. “I’ll find a way to make it work,” I insisted to myself. “I’ll cover the water mark with something.” And then it hit me: a plant. A nice big plant. I would re-purpose this coffee table by using it as an accent table/plant stand.

And, voila!

table and plant.jpg
There’s more to me than meets the eye.
A lovely pothos plant, with its graceful trailing vines, was the perfect centerpiece for this table. Additionally, the teacup and saucer are strategically perched on the table’s corner in order to conceal a smaller water stain, this time my fault. :-/

I’m still totally smitten with this little guy, flaws and all.

Are you as plant-obsessed as I am? I’d love to hear about a time when a plant solved one of your decorating problems. Comment below!

Because everyone needs a purple vanity chair.

vanity chair

When I saw it on Craigslist, I knew it had to be mine. This tufted vanity chair, originally from World Market, was definitely a steal; I think I ended up paying around $150 for it secondhand. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into my apartment, and is flanked by a taller side table showcasing this very cool typewriter, a hand-me-down from my grandmother.


Don’t we all need these things in our lives? If worshipping them is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


Yesterday, I made an impulsive Craigslist buy (shocker, I know).

But…just look at these beautiful plates!


I honesty have no idea how I will use them, but I just couldn’t pass up this bargain: $10 for eight of these small lovelies. They feel very Anthropologie to me, sans the price tag.

The backs of the plates indicate that they were originally sold by a company called 222 Fifth. Check out their website–really nice stuff.

Overall: a solid win, in my opinion!

You know you want it.

Tell me you love me.

This adorable mid-century ottoman came into my possession through one of my many Craigslist adventures. I showed up at this guy’s door with the intention of picking up a free table. After he brought out the table, we chatted for a bit. He revealed that he was in the process of moving, and thus attempting to purge as much as he could. Did I want to see what else he was getting rid of? Hell yes! And he whips out the ottoman.


Without hesitation, I accepted this stranger’s gift with metaphorical tears in my eyes. I loaded up my car, queued my favorite jam, and drove away into the sunset. Okay, not really, but you get what I’m saying.

A trio of bargain goodies.

Major wins from yesterday:

And, of course, plants just make everything better. ♥