Halloween haul.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. As a kid, I always went all out. Yet as an adult, I’ve found that I’ve become abysmally lazy when it comes to getting my act together each October. But this year is going to be different. This year, I’m going to rock it. Literally. I’ve got a party coming up soon, and I’ve decided to go as a punk rocker!

My friend and awesome hair stylist Paris loaned me some great wardrobe pieces for the costume…


…and I’ve just returned from a very successful trip to CVS, where I loaded up on some Halloween make up necessities (black and red eye makeup, false lashes, etc.), as well as some staple beauty items. Oh, and look at the savings!

I saved almost $20! And yes, I bought a bracelet from the drugstore.

I’ll head to Party City later this week to get some temporary tattoos and a fake nose ring. I seriously can’t wait to put it all together. I’ve been watching punk rock makeup tutorials on YouTube, and I’m just getting really psyched!

Here’s to a budget-friendly Halloween! 🙂


Sea glass storage.

I’ve always been fond of sea glass, so when I saw someone on Craigslist selling four identical sea glass jars for less than $10 total, I was compelled to buy.


As you can see, I’ve used two of the jars to store beauty products and supplies. It just seems fitting. The delicate bluish tint, along with the shape, give the jars an elegance. And the cork lid adds a charming “message in a bottle” touch.

However, I haven’t figured out exactly what to do with the other two jars. At one point I stuffed some granola bars into one of them and stuck it on the kitchen counter, but it just didn’t seem to fit aesthetically. So, basically, I have two lovely but empty jars sitting around. Any suggestions?