Estate sale wins.


Last weekend I attended my first estate sale, and I’m decidedly hooked. Here are some of my great vintage finds…

Adorable framed silhouettes.
Pretty ceramic bud vase.
Beautiful handprinted tray.


And lastly, my favorite…

Sweet botanical/floral prints. Very farmhouse-chic.

Here’s another look…

And that concludes my new collection of vintage goodies!

All of the lovely pieces shown above are available for purchase in my Etsy shop.  

‘Til next time!

❤ Beth


It was paper.

Supporting local artisans is something that I’ve always valued and tried to do. The problem is that, often, independent small businesses tend to be notably more costly. I try to remind myself that the higher price tag is completely justifiable–after all, you’re typically getting a considerably more unique and higher quality product than you’d find at a big chain store. support-local-and-independent

This past weekend, I attended a huge annual street festival in Baltimore called Artscape. I was overwhelmed by the number of gifted, inventive artists. While much of the merchandise was beyond the scope of my wallet, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter several very reasonably-priced vendors, and ended up purchasing a couple of novel items.

Perhaps my favorite discovery was the work of a friendly duo whose business is called Was Paper. Basically, they create funky home decor items by embellishing them with paper containing jazzy prints. It’s a transformation from mundane to mod.

What attracted my attention was their huge, heaping table containing fun, colorfully-printed coasters that they had designed. It was a mix-and-match kind of thing; you could select any 4 coasters for $20. I had been in desperate need of coasters, and wasn’t interested in what the major retailers were selling. But I absolutely loved this mix-and-match concept, and couldn’t turn down such a great deal. I ended up with these cool gold and white coasters that playfully accent the gold-hued decor that surround them in my living space.


Recognize the circular tray?

I got two with the feather print and two with the geometric pattern. What makes these coasters such a steal is that even though they are local and handmade, they don’t break the bank. In fact, 4 for $20 is possibly a better deal than you’d get at a typical big-name store. Definitely a win in my book! 🙂

DIY decor.

Here’s the deal. I’m really interested in photography, but I can’t afford a high-quality camera. So I take pictures with my iPhone and then painstakingly doctor them with my app until I’m satisfied.

I’ve seen a lot of criticism hurled at iPhone photogs–criticism that seeks to undermine the merit of their photos. Well, all I can say is that I like my pictures. And while quality-wise, they may be lacking in certain aspects, I legitimize them because I find them artistically pleasing.

The point of this post–and there is one–is to encourage you to display your own creativity in your home, in whatever form that may take. Showcasing your own artwork not only saves you $$$, but it fosters a sense of personal accomplishment. I don’t believe it to be vain, and I haven’t met anyone else who thinks so.

Here are some of my photos that I’ve framed and hung in my home.

Top left & right: Baltimore, MD. Bottom left: Lancaster, PA. Bottom right: Wadi Rum, Jordan.

I’ve received tons of positive feedback from friends and family who have visited, and it just makes me happy to see my own work on display. In terms of affordability, I buy my frames from IKEA and print most of my photos using an app called Postalpix. You select the photos directly from your phone and they mail the prints right to you. The quality is pretty decent, in my opinion, and the cost is minimal.

Don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message if you have any questions about printing or framing your own creative work. Also, feel free to check out more of my photography on my Society6 page.

Happy decorating!