Big weekend win.

To be honest, I’ve been kinda frustrated lately in terms of bargain-hunting. Craigslist seems to have dried out for some reason, and I keep leaving  yard sales empty-handed. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered, via the Nextdoor app, that a neighbor was selling a like-new IKEA chair for $25!

While I loved the chair (and its secondhand price tag), I knew that I would never be able to fit it in my car. I skeptically asked the seller if she could deliver it to me, and, as it turns out, she was happy to! The crazy part: As we got to chatting, I realized that she was the sister of one of my former students! Small world, indeed. I paid her extra for delivery (and for being the sister of an awesome gal), so the total came out to $40. Huge savings here, as IKEA sells it for $109.

Anyways, here’s the chair in its new home!


Nestled in the corner by the window, it will make the perfect reading chair. Now all I need is an ottoman to go with it! While I did recently score a free ottoman from Craigslist, I decided to give it to a close friend, so I’m still on the lookout.  🙂


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