It was paper.

Supporting local artisans is something that I’ve always valued and tried to do. The problem is that, often, independent small businesses tend to be notably more costly. I try to remind myself that the higher price tag is completely justifiable–after all, you’re typically getting a considerably more unique and higher quality product than you’d find at a big chain store. support-local-and-independent

This past weekend, I attended a huge annual street festival in Baltimore called Artscape. I was overwhelmed by the number of gifted, inventive artists. While much of the merchandise was beyond the scope of my wallet, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter several very reasonably-priced vendors, and ended up purchasing a couple of novel items.

Perhaps my favorite discovery was the work of a friendly duo whose business is called Was Paper. Basically, they create funky home decor items by embellishing them with paper containing jazzy prints. It’s a transformation from mundane to mod.

What attracted my attention was their huge, heaping table containing fun, colorfully-printed coasters that they had designed. It was a mix-and-match kind of thing; you could select any 4 coasters for $20. I had been in desperate need of coasters, and wasn’t interested in what the major retailers were selling. But I absolutely loved this mix-and-match concept, and couldn’t turn down such a great deal. I ended up with these cool gold and white coasters that playfully accent the gold-hued decor that surround them in my living space.


Recognize the circular tray?

I got two with the feather print and two with the geometric pattern. What makes these coasters such a steal is that even though they are local and handmade, they don’t break the bank. In fact, 4 for $20 is possibly a better deal than you’d get at a typical big-name store. Definitely a win in my book! 🙂


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