Friday afternoon antiquing.

Happy Friday! I just got home from a successful visit to The Parisian Flea, a tiny yet tantalizing antique shop in the heart of Hampden. I had been craving a thrifting adventure all week, and since I had heard they were having a 20% off sale this weekend, I drove straight on over after work.


I walked out with two great finds, which added up to just under $20 after the 20% discount. Both are brass decor items with beautiful detailing. The first is a small catch-all dish (it has three tiny “feet”), and the second is a larger tray, which has that hammered gold look to it.


Above is is the small dish, which I’ve placed atop a vintage tray on my entry table. It’ll make a great home for my keys and sunglasses.

Here is the larger tray. I guess it’s around 12 inches in diameter. I’ve decided it’ll hang out on top of my coffee table, ostensibly complimenting a gold and glass table sitting nearby. The richness of the cherry wood coupled with bold area rug colors creates a vivid backdrop for this gold accent.

I’m so happy with these finds, and can’t wait for more thrifting tomorrow (yard sales!). 🙂


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