Jeny’s jars.

Today’s post features a guest contributor, my thrifty friend Jeny! 

Jeny: I got this adorable set of ceramic jars at a bi-annual, secondhand sale held at GMBC called the Nearly New Sale. Because these all have a rubber seal on the inside of the lid, they are perfect for holding sweets without letting ants get in. 

  • The yellow canister with maroon plums I use to store sugar.
  • The large blue canister with the apples holds flour. 
  • The maroon canister with pears keeps brown sugar safe from both bugs and moisture. 
  • We usually keep the little blue guy on the counter beside the coffee pot. It holds packets of Splenda™. 

These jars are cute without being too uniform, and much nicer to look at than the original packaging of the items they store. Best of all, I paid less than $10 for the set!


Would you like to be a guest contributor in the future? Comment on this post or send me a message. 


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